Update on Child Care Assistance – Spoiler: nope!

A while back we posted a decline letter we received when applying for CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program), North Dakota’s seemingly impossible to engage in program for for people like us. We files an appeal with our local office, quoting the exact letter we received and begging for them to take another look at our situation, efforts and see if they can help.


Today we received this:


For those not able to see/read this, here’s what it says:

“We have received your letter regarding your concern involving the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and how eligibility was determined for this program. After review of you case it has been determined that the appropriate policies and procedures have been followed.

If you do not agree with this decision you may file an appeal (request a hearing). The request must be in writing and filed with the Department’s Appeal Supervisor, within 30 days of this notice, at the following address:”

Now I won’t drill in to the grammatical mistakes, but honestly, our appeal and request for hearing we filed with the local office, sent to the state office, has been met with an apparent letter that we have to file an appeal to appeal our appeal and we have to request a hearing in order to request a hearing on our denial letter?


We are asking anyone out there who has ever been on CCAP in Grand Forks or anywhere in North Dakota to please let us know how you got on the program. We’re not asking for personal details, but it would be amazing to know what supernatural circumstances allowed you to use the program “freely available to anyone”. PLEASE, we beg you, email admin@helpaj.com and let us know how to proceed. We’ve followed the exact steps and are STILL getting nowhere at the speed of government molasses. 🙂


For this household, we will be looking to retain the services of a lawyer familiar with either CCAP or medical disability so we can try going that direction. If anyone would know someone who can help, we’d be more than willing to sit down with them.


*** UPDATE ***

I spoke with the “Child Care Assistance Program Administrator” Samantha O’Brien in Bismarck who mentioned:

1) We just need to send a one-line “we appeal this decision” letter to her to begin the appeal. The prior letter was not given to her directly because we quoted the exact chapter of law we were following, per the PREVIOUS letter they sent, and that letter was sent to ND’s “law department”

2) She advised when asked about “THE DAYS & HOURS HE WORKS” from the denial letter that this would have been ‘misstated’ and incorrect, they DO accommodate for third-shift workers, which this local office lady shouldn’t have said that

3) When asked what “THE CHILD CARE NEED FOR GLORIA AND ELEANOR DO NOT EXCEED THE CO-PAY OF THE HOUSEHOLD” meant, she advised that she doesn’t know why this was said either, and she ‘works closely with the supervisor of the county office’ with these letters. When asked why then a review would have let these slip, and when we told her that we expected a bit more clarity in this process from someone who is the supervisor of the supervisor, and we would imagine she would know everything about this case the next time she declines it blindly.

Overall, we got a solid feeling that even though the above letter came ‘from her’, that this is the first time she’s heard of it, due to the complete lack of knowledge of what’s been going on.


Appeal letter is in the mail today… again… wish us luck again.

Chemo Round 2 Bites the dust!


Now it’s a month-and-a-half wait until the first ‘post treatment’ or ‘monitoring’ phase MRI and full workup. As much as Andrea’s been having fun adding all the extra medicine, she is very happy to not have any more of that in the near future.


Time to celebrate with an out-to-eat meal – no dishes 😀

In The Media

When we had sat down with Ryan from Fargo’s In-Forum news a few weeks ago, we could not have imagine quite a well-written article as what he has done.

If you have a free moment, here is the link to it – it couldn’t me more spot on, and we are grateful for the time he took to detail this battle.

Thank you Ryan!



In-Forum Article Link: ‘Making memories while we can’: Woman coping with grim diagnosis

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