2 Month Followup…

It’s been 2 months since the last update, and there have once again been no major changes!


We will have one more full shebang 2 month visit before the beginning of the ‘monitoring phase’, and after that we’ll be (for lack of better words) waiting to see what happens. We had also talked about recent news and Mayo Cancer Center research articles regarding any possible advances, to which there isn’t anything new to try… yet!


This is quite a huge relief to us all, and we are quite glad to be back home with what we now call positive news! (remember, no (change) news is good (change) news!


Thank you all for your continued support, we are so grateful to have you all. 🙂

Random update

It’s been a while since the last update, and between birthday’s for the girls, spending time with family and the daunting task of keeping things mildly clean around here we’re just so busy 🙂

We celebrated our girls’ First and Fourth birthdays in our first attempt at a joint party. Nothing huge, but it was pretty nice to have everyone come out and celebrate with us! We did have Skip and Rita from Skip’s Gourmet Grub (Food Truck & Catering) provide food, which was AMAZING! If anyone is in Fargo this week for the street fair, he’ll be at Broadway and 2nd Ave. N – stop by for some great food at super awesome prices.

Next week is the next Mayo visit, and it’s the full workup, so we’ll see what the progress is at that time.

As far as an update for the ongoing child care assistance drama – we asked and begged for an appeal hearing, but it doesn’t appear that will be going anywhere. It’s simply amazing to see the complete lack of compassion, care or even follow-through from that entire department – even after talking directly with their so called head. We’ve wasted enough time, don’t have the ability to beg any more than on our hands and knees, sadly. For now, we’ll go with the assumption that it will never go anywhere, and we’re on our own. It’s amazing that even after speaking with them, their admission of things not looking right and promise to fix it, that it’s been 3 months of begging with no progress whatsoever.