Little update!

Just wanted to let everyone know that this week, pending AJ feeling a bit better, she’ll start her “Top 10 Zoo’s” list – ‘bucket list’ if you will!!!!


This includes some of the top zoo’s across the USA, and was compiled based on 5 of the best travel sites lists as well as AJ’s own wants!

TOP 12 ZOO’S (5 Site Cross Compile)
1 San Diego Zoo
2 St. Louis Zoo
3 Henry Doorly Zoo – Omaha
4 Columbus Zoo
5 Memphis Zoo
6 San Diego Safari Park
7 Brookfield Zoo – Chicago
8 Cheyanne Mountain Zoo
9 Denver Zoo
10 Houston Zoo
11 Zoo Miami
12 Bronx Zoo


Oh no, there are 12 Zoo’s – it’s ok, there’s a 99% certainty we won’t be able to visit all 12, much less 10 or even 5 😛


For now, we might just start with #3 on the list, Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha Nebraska – we’re going to make it a trip possibly this week, SO EXCITED!


On a side note, due to a very weak immune system, AJ has come across with a pretty wicked looking case of the shingles (aka chicken pox’ recurrence). Get well soon AJ!