Just a little update…

Happy 7th wedding anniversary 🙂


Ok, the latest: AJ is a bit under the weather due to whatever this rough cough thing is (probably the weather change). We have a trip to Mayo again in just a few days, and we’ll be getting a ‘work evaluation’ as well as the ‘full shebang’ statuses, we will update as soon as we get back from there.


We did have an ‘appeal hearing’ regarding the child care assistance. We didn’t post about it because of this: We were told by the Child Care Subsidy Administrator (Samantha O’Brien) that the state of ND’s lawyer who ‘stopped’ the first appeal-begging letter we sent in from hitting the desks of the people we sent it to was the ‘acting appeal judge’ and will decide (for their own client??) who is right in the case of the appeal. We find this very unappealing and were in awe when we found out.

When we did the ‘unbiased’ appeal ‘hearing’ (a phone call while sitting in the office of the place we’re trying to get any information from) this sums it up:

  • The person who never got back to us/’handled’ our case “is no longer employed there”
  • The case worker did NOT fill out their forms properly
  • The case worker’s supervisor denied the worker ignored repeated phone calls, although admitting she couldn’t know, even after saying that then denying it by (under oath) advising they DID receive them by acknowledging having said call(s)
  • The case worker did NOT update the case after speaking with us TWICE on the phone
  • The calls to ‘Samantha’ who oversee’s the department “were not logged and didn’t update the case” – where we were assured this would be resolved easily
  • The case worker’s supervisor who ‘helped’ with the original case advised the acting judge that we probably WOULD qualify (we don’t make a lot, NEED the childcare and have valid reasoning) if we were to re-apply and start the process over
  • The Appeal was NOT needed as advised to get our questions answered, and “if we would have known we could have tried to answer the questions” which was a shock as we’ve sent several letters and called to no avail.

Overall it sounds like someone wasn’t doing their job and we got screwed because of it. There is so much wrong with what’s happened and how it was (wasn’t?) handled that it’s just upsetting. Good for anyone who is able to get any assistance in this state, it’s a lost cause.

This entire thing has been so draining to this household by all the lies (their documents are self-contradictory, even mentioning it to their lawyer/unbiased judge person brought out a bit of backpedaling from both him and the ‘supervisor’) and lack of care that we honestly can’t put any more effort into it. AJ was going to go back to work against doctor’s orders for a number of reasons, and it appears the jobs lined up have been lost. All of this because the people who are supposed to provide assistance will not get their ducks in a row. I guess we were in a huge misunderstanding that we would be able to get any assistance whatsoever due to the nature of the situation, but it appears this will not be the case. Someone should fight for people who are in this type of situation – a person dealing with this in life does NOT need the added stress and worry.

Enough rant, on with life.

Zoo’s done:

  1. Toledo
  2. Como
  3. Henry Doorly

🙂 Until next update, on with the diapers/dishes/lawn/meals/holidays. 😀