An Unfortunate Update…

We have just gotten back from Mayo for our April visit and will share what we’ve learned. Unfortunately we will not be sharing ‘good’ news today, as we have found out that the bridge between AJ’s hemispheres (corpus callosum), as well as the right frontal cortex has succum (most likely along the path weakened by the radiation last year) to tumor growth.

There is enough growth in the last 2 months since the last visit to cause concern, but at the same time it hasn’t shown any external symptoms that we recognize – this is a good thing.

AJ’s medical team at Mayo has provided a number of amazing things we are able to do as we try to find a solution to this new issue, at the moment AJ will be put back on chemotherapy as soon as possible to see if it will help.

There are a number of paths we have discussed depending on how things look further down the road, we would ask that everyone pray for the next two weeks, then two to six more until the next MRI/full workup at Mayo – we will know more then.

For now, we’re more than overcome by what we were all blindsided by, and although we would have loved to tell each and every single person one by one, this is the best place for us to share what’s happening.

Time to rest up and prepare for the upcoming zoo trips – nobody is giving up on anything, especially the determined AJ 🙂

Thank you all!