Well, here is stuff!

Okay, so we got a call from Mayo a couple days ago saying we’ve got appointments upcoming in a few days. Although unusual to only have a few days’ notice, we got there just as well.

We found that the right lobe growth wasn’t as much of a concern, but the bridge between the hemispheres has grown. The analogy of a ’16 lane highway with 2 lanes now shut down’ was used, which is a good way to explain it.

The decision to stop the less than really effective chemotherapy was made, and a change to a blood inhibitor is in place. This new medicine effectively prevents the cancer cells from reaching out and getting their necessary blood supply. This is a change in treatment, and will require travelling to Mayo every 2 weeks for the duration of the infusions.



New Infusion Mayo June 2016


There are still other options as we go, there is no loss of fight left in AJ! ?

Until next time, take care everyone! 🙂