Great News!

After spending the last 8 weeks going back and forth every other week from Grand Forks to Rochester for infusions of this newest medicine, and worring up a storm all the while proceeding through all the daily tasks and both girls birthday party, we are fresh back from Mayo yet again with news.

It turns out the visit on 07/14 brought some much needed better news!!!! The areas of new growth we saw last time, as well as the lingering areas around the original resected area of tumor appear to be missing on the latest MRI. This doesn’t mean completely gone, what it means is that the infusions appear to be working to the extent of there being no visibility on the scans, and all other vitals are normal.

There was a slight issue with fast heartbeat and high blood pressure, but anyone in our place should understand how AJ may be a bit stressed out. (*we will add a last-month-to-this-month comparison MRI photo as soon as we are able to, the new MRI isn’t available to us quite yet)

This is so much better news than we were expecting (with the luck we’ve had so far) and we will be heading to San Diego this next week very much in good spirits.

Speaking of ‘THE Trip’ – we have a full week away this next week, making AJ’s dream come true by finally making it to the San Diego Zoo. We are all excited (but not even nearly as much as AJ is!) to make this happen and have a week of nothing to worry about.

Thank you again to everyone for the positive thoughts and prayers!

We will update with lots of pictures soon, take care everyone.