Mid week update – Oct 26

As we sit and hold AJ as she shakes and has seizures, it pains us to see her in so much – everything. It’s very hard to explain what we’re going through, between the very tough thoughts of just wanting it over and the prayers everyone’s offering begging for a miracle.

AJ has been running VERY hot the last 24+ hours as well as expressing whole body seizures and mostly unable to talk. You can see she is physically worn out. To combat the anxiety and nervousness, we’ve increased the sedative to assist with the seizure and anxiety relief four-fold, as well as increasing the doses given in a day. We’re all very shaken up by what is happening in front of our eyes, as AJ simply doesn’t deserve what she’s being forced to endure.

We all knew this would be very tough, and for those helping out it certainly is that and much more.

There is this hive-mind of support that surrounds the Austin household this week, and we cannot thank everyone enough. If it seems like we’re ungrateful or unresponsive to conversation, it’s because we are very mentally and physically worn out from the progression of the last 4 days. AJ is very much still with us, and we’re trying to be positive, but it so very hard right now.

Throughout all of this we truly know there is support and plenty of hugs to be had – for now, back to these little girls who don’t have the full picture right now and need someone to build blocks with.

We will continue to update everyone every couple of days so you have an idea of what’s happening.

And because it wouldn’t be a Novak update without some comedy: Sean’s cheeseburger soup is still taking the lead 🙂 (Thank you everyone for saving us from the daunting task of making dinners – we’re certainly spoiled as all get out by you all!)

Thank you everyone…