Merry Christmas from the Novak’s

Here’s the latest:

I’ll start with (unbelievably) some good news! Social Services of Grand Forks County has approved C.J. as the primary care provider for the girls! This means he can finally receive the benefits from Social Security for the girls, this is a move in the right direction. They still won’t give any other assistance, but honestly, I’m just done trying, there is no point with them.


We had a good turkey day, and family members made some very good food – thank you Sara for hosting this year’s feed-fest again 🙂


We are making it all work, figuring how to re-measure all the things we do on a daily/weekly basis, and trying to get back in to swing of ‘normality’. It’s super hard to re-learn how to buy groceries, for example. No more making 2 pounds of hamburger and 2 boxes of hamburger helper, sounds trivial, right? Nope, everything changes when someone is gone. No longer do we need milk for oreos, creamer or coffee. Gone are the 10 flavors of yogurt and taco pizza’s.


It’s a different world from losing a person who is in your life daily, for example when Darrin died. Yes, it is still a void that can not be filled, but it didn’t impact the household in whole. Was there anger, crying, depression and angst? Yes, but it is very very different from losing your wife. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I will tell you there is a surreal feeling when you’re expecting to round a corner and bump in to someone. It’s also very very mentally taxing when you’re watching a show you used to with a person, and you react to what’s happening and turn to see an empty seat.


It’s very hard to do the things that AJ loved to do, like setting up her Christmas tree. This was her thing, she absolutely had to do it every year. Well, I contemplated it, honestly, was it worth putting up the tree for the one person who enjoyed the hell out of it? Yes, it is, because those two girls deserve to keep those memories and see it every year. All this being said:


Merry Christmas From The Novak’s