The first of the 2017 updates…

Ahh, the long awaited post-holidays update. We survived relatively in one piece 🙂 I kid, everyone seems to have made it fine through the first ‘hardest’ holiday. The girls and I are doing just fine and although they terribly miss their mom, both #1 and #2 are having a ton of fun, learning lots and not surprising at all, growing up very fast.

The girls have an amazing support network with the Aunties and Uncles, Cousins and Grandma and Grandpa that spoiled the crap out of them over Christmas and have been constantly going out of their way to make sure these girls know they are good girls, and no thanks will ever be good enough to show our appreciation for everything.

At this time we’re kind of in a holding pattern of the same old weekly routines as much as possible while we wait to hear any update as to the wonderful news that the home we’ve been renting will be sold early this year sometime. I am not sure if it is feasible to ‘purchase’ anything as large as a home, and to be honest, with the way my team at work seems to be falling in to pieces and not getting better, it may be best to wait it out and be patient. It would suck to have to try and find a reasonable place to live in this town, as Grand Forks is a jump up or two in price from what we had been paying in Fargo, and everyone knows that once you get the house living, and everything a family of four needs and wants to live on in once place, that it is nearly impossible to transition back in to a lack-of-storage apartment, which would be our only route when the house is sold. We’ll deal with that sooner than later, I would expect.

Ohhh, and if anyone is a taxes expert out there, have I got a perfect customer just for you (wink wink…) 😉

In one way or another this weekly grind has been keeping us in check, there have been no major meltdowns with anyone, and incorporating things like the bedtime books AJ took the time to record herself reading and watching the videos of AJ singing or laughing really have helped everything quite a bit. I am still not able to really cope with rearranging the room or trying to put any of the mess away that we call our bedroom, but I expect that will come in due time (whether I want to or not, I fear).

We have come to what I think is a stable point with Social Services and AJ’s Social Security payments for the girls, that was one very tough nut to crack. As far as I’m aware, Grand Forks county will still not provide any assistance to this house which sucks, but not even looking further in to it and fighting with them really helps the stress level to stay grounded. 🙂

It’s been very tough working overnights and staying up with the girls during the day, but I think that was reasonably solved by sleeping the heck out of the overnights on my two days off a week, and more often than not having awesome family members watch the girls either during the daytime hours or even overnight a day or two on most weekends. This gives a solid 3 day sleep cycle, not including the two or three hours I can squeak in once a week between the girls bedtime and my work start time.

Through all of this I have had the most amazing group of guys (and a woman or two) supporting me mentally and listening to me whine about the daily/weekly nonsense, so an amazingly huge and genuine THANK YOU to every one of the gamers I play with in The Olde Guard old-fogie gamers group.

Like we said before, we’ll keep updating every few weeks so people know the latest, so until next update, please be kind and take care. We miss you Andrea Joy/Mom.