Pandas and the Anniversary

One year ago we arrived back home from an amazing trip to San Diego Zoo (among other things) and through much excitement we had solidly settled on calling Elly and Gloria ‘the pandas’, much due to the ironic nature in visiting many zoo’s and having yet to see a single panda bear. Irony at work.

So it’s been a year and I am making this happen for the girls.

We are seeing frickin pandas this year.

Yes, we are crazy, this was determined many years ago, so it should be no surprise that amid a work week, we will hit the road and head toward our zoo that 100% for sure no question asked has EFFING PANDAS.

Here’s the idea: Leave this village in the next couple of days and head to our destination. We have no hotel plans, no mandatory on-the-way-there forced stops or timelines, it’s the best kind of travel.

The Map: this will hopefully work and I will do an iffy job (let’s be honest, it’s not first priority when on the road) updating the ‘where we are’ and if anything eventful happened.

We’ve recently added a compressor and fire extinguisher to the vehicle (being we are putting on quite the miles), just in case.


    (*For those wanting to catch up on the crazy, we’ve done the Bakersfield trip already, if you add in the next 2 trips (Pandas and Solar Eclipse) this is what the Novak’s summer 2017 looks like by close/rough calculation: Fun Map Clicky)

    114 hours of just road time

    7,732 road miles

    Endless breaks for sightseeing and touristy things, including 5 drives up and down the Vegas strip 🙂


    It’s been a while…

    It has been some time since I updated this, and if I am honest, I actually let the site slide a bit due to the drop in visitors (not sure if people wanted updates…)

    So we’re back…

    What has happened since March?

    The girls were hopelessly addicted to a song by Panic At The Disco called ‘Vegas Lights’ – due to this massive addiction and the huge smiles on their faces every single day, I took a couple of weeks off of work and without telling anyone but a sole person, we drove from home to Las Vegas, Nevada so the girls could see all about Las Vegas. While on this trip, we saw so many things, stopped at a few of AJ and my gaming friends (hello The Olde Guard!!!) houses and ended up in Bakersfield, California for a few days. We stayed with an amazing friend of ours who didn’t hesitate opening his home to us and giving us a great place to stay while we were there.

    There was a get-together with a whole bunch of friends at another home, just an amazing time with all. We are so grateful to have an amazing support group of true friends who dealt with our craziness.

    The trip back was just as fun, and even though we do NOT have a love for ‘WHYoming’, the rest of the states were amazing.

    There is so much more, and for a quick ‘we’re alive’ update, this will do! 🙂

    Next up: 3 and 5 days until the girls 3rd and 6th birthdays! 😀