One Year Gone

It’s been one hell of a year.


We talked about this, remember? It’s been a year already since you’ve gone and I’ve got to tell you a few things. I haven’t sat on my ass and moped around, just like we talked about. No, I haven’t forgotten all the things we’ve talked about doing, and I certainly haven’t forgotten about you, but here is the rundown on the things you and I both know you’ve been part of:

  1. We made the trip to Bakersfield via Las Vegas for the girls. It’s a gorgeous place in it’s own right, and may just be a good place to live, we will have to see when we can get back and if it’s still as nice as we think in the winter months
  2. Elly is nailing first grade, has lost her first tooth (soon to be the second). She is tall, which is nice, and yes, her hair is the blonde version of yours, thank you, makes it super easy to maintain in the mornings 🙂 (you saw that she butch-cut her and her sister’s hair, so I am happy to say it’s growing back nicely) She is also reading so well.
  3. Gloria is talking up a storm, has quite the personality. She loves to sing and is showing quite the interest in mirroring everything I do, this is kind of fun. She tends to want to sleep extra after waking up, and wants to stay up late, opposite her sister. She parrots the behavior of sissy and drives me just nuts. She is an extremely emotional girl, which I love, her sappiness is real.
  4. I’m doing fine. I didn’t sit on my ass and not move forward. Just like we talked about, I have been making the best life possible for the girls, and even taking some time for myself. I’ve got an amazing person in my life who helps me make better decisions, who pushes me to be the best dad and person I can be every day, and that makes the world of difference. It took me quite some time, but I finally took my ring off and they are going to be forever kept together as they should. There has been no retaliation depression, and if I am honest, some days I really miss the things we used to do, however big or small they were. I’ve been keeping my promise to you, all the things I said I would do, I am going to do them until the day I die, and I truly believe the girls are much happier for it.

There’s something to be said about the people you surround yourself with, and I can honestly say that with the one, and a new found group of friends, and the support of your mom and dad and my kid sister, things are about as good as they can be.

It sucks to have to type a letter to you instead of saying all of this to you, but we don’t get the choice to say when and where we will go sometimes, and I know you are watching over us each and every day.

I’ll keep talking to you, I’ll keep missing you.

Just because I don’t break down and cry every day doesn’t mean I don’t miss you.

I’m looking forward to a few things, the next two days not really being part of it, but we will make it through.


I Love You and we do miss you – thank you so much for what you are doing to help us.