How do I donate?

Thank you for checking this out…

We’re going to try and be as open as possible with everything going on, where the donations go, how your kindness is being used. In the past we have used GoFundMe (, but to be honest they take quite a decent amount of the donations which we don’t believe is fair.  We’ve moved away from there and are accepting anything via Paypal Donations. This allows greater flexibility for most – AND – allows us to actually receive almost all of the generosity in full.

A note to all those who are going well out of your way to send love to a stranger: We cannot express in words quite the amazing feeling of knowing things will be alright with each and every one of your help. It is truly a relief to Andrea and I (C.J.) having the support of everyone while all of this is happening. Thank you all so terribly much. Really, THANK YOU.

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Monthly Medical Costs
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(donation account is ‘Andrea Novak’ – anja_3000 is correct)

 *If you are interested in a recurring monthly donation, you can click the yellow ‘Donate’ button and choose ‘Make this recurring’. This feature was requested and sadly is not able to be used from a mobile device.



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